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jrmisstoughchic's Journal

Ensign Grace Bright
19 March
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     I am a fighter pilot aboard the usstakedashingn, following the example of my Aunt Dizi (kittenofdeath). I graduated from the Acad in 2379.

     My uncle died when I was 8 years old in a bar fight before he was able to marry Aunt Dizi.

     Flying and Sex make me extremely happy, and I have the most kick ass boyfriend with the sexiest spots in the world. Still haven't convinced him to give sex a go in 0g yet though, but I'm working on it.

Zyrah, Boq, me, Kizel and Shelly

Me and my friends, right before our graduation from the Academy.
From left to right: Toza Zyrah, Boq, Grace Bright (me), Kizel Eyn and Shelly White.

     This is a role play journal, and everything mentioned within is a complete work of fiction. Star Trek is property of Paramount Pictures, and I am simply borrowing their universe for entertainment. Any questions? Ask diziara.