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Away Missions and Boyfriends.

The away mission everyone's abuzz about, Aunt Dizi is down there in the thick of it. Scuttle Butt says that she was enthusiastic about going, and Zyrah saw Aunt Dizi headed down to the flight deck this morning decked out in leather trench, thigh high boots, tank top, and more weapons than a small army typically needs. She was with a dark haired engineer, Zyrah said he was cute, even if he was a little old. Granted, she thinks anything over 29 is old, and I can't wait to tease her when she starts lamenting that she's an old lady.

Kizel and I have been a little awkward since we had our mini fight. He still thinks I'm over reacting, and is worried I want to break up, all because I thought a little too much about how it effects other people when one goes into dangerous situations. I suppose I have to remember that one signs up for the risk when they sign up for the fleet, and therefore should either accept it or avoid it. Making drama over it is just a waste of time. I'll have to see if I can make it up to him with some wild sex and a good dinner.

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