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When Aunt Dizi insisted on throwing a party to get to know the squadron, Shelly was pissing and moaning about it from the moment we were told about it. However, when the party hit, who ended up having the most fun? Shelly. Hell, even though she started bitching the moment she saw Eddie hanging around, he ended up being pretty chill for the party. I guess something about having something unofficially related to sickbay to obligate him to hang around helped keep him from getting stressed and spazzing. Shelly even admitted to me, at the end of the night when she was sure no one else was in ear shot and she was piss faced drunk, that Eddie didn't seem so bad.

The party was pretty cool. We were told to show up dressed for a beach party, which meant most of us showed up in swim suits and the like, a couple people even had Hawaiian shirts. Waiting for us when we arrived were jumpsuits for orbital sky diving, and we arrived on an antique Earth style tarmac with a large plane idling on the runway. We were each issued a jumpsuit, our name already on it and sized to fit. When everyone had arrived and suited up, we all piled into the plane as Aunt Dizi explained what was going on. The plan was we were all going to jump out of the plane, and dive down to the island she'd programmed for the party. She told us the zone to jump within to get us within about a square kilometer of the island, and we were to make our way to the party from there. There was bitching and moaning from a few people, Shelly included, but when she offered to let anyone who didn't want to jump go sit and wait for the rest of us, and the harassment started up from the rest of us, the complaints died down pretty quickly.

Savla, the Vulcan woman in our squadron, volunteered to jump first. If there was anyone still considering complaining or slipping off the plane after everyone else jumped, they decided that if the Vulcan would jump for what was ultimately a silly and pointless exercise, there was no reason to bitch or try to dodge. Everyone else piled out pretty quickly, though Zyrah and I ended up jumping last because she kept hesitating and I wouldn't leave her behind. We ended up making it to the party last, but Boq, Kizel and Shelly had waited on the beach for us, so the group of us made it to the party at the same time. Aunt Dizi had put together this hat, oh my god, what a hat. It was the prize for the last person to arrive, and Boq volunteered for the honors. To which, Aunt Dizi rewarded him with Romulan Ale, and shouted with glee that she popped his Romulan Ale cherry. I could tell he was flattered and embarrassed by the attention.

The talk of the squadron was the assumption that she was going to be a lax commander, and while I didn't expect her to be lax, I didn't expect her to land on us with both feet like she did. She'd scheduled most of us for an afternoon shift the day after the party. Most people arrived dragging, and had elected to take advantage of her loose enforcement of uniform regs, and she threw us into our fighters for drills, straight to the point without even a hello, just "get suited up and get your fighter ready to go out". Shelly seemed delighted at this, she was amazingly wake and chipper for this shift considering how absolutely plastered she'd been when I'd walked her back to her quarters. Aunt Dizi was suited up and ready to jump into a fighter herself as she stood and directed us as we arrived. Once everyone had arrived, she jumped into a fighter and lead us out to pull live drills around the ship. I don't think I've gone up in Bessy for more than the occasional shake down since I got assigned to this ship, so it was nice to stretch her legs.

Since then, we've been much been drilling three times a week, and then we've been distributing watch on the flight deck pretty evenly among the squadron.

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