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Larger than life, yet mortal after all.

The last time I'd really had the chance to talk to Aunt Dizi was when I was about 12 years old. She'd just graduated from the Academy, and her friend Toby had invited me, Ma, Gram and anyone else in the family who wanted to come, to see her graduate. Apparently he'd managed to do this as a surprise for her, as she hadn't been expecting us. Her brother Kang, and his wife Zia, had also come to see her graduation, that was the first time I'd met any of her family actually. I've kept in on again, off again contact with Kang since then. He's actually hooked me up with some great copies of Shakespeare in the original Klingon.

Anyhow, since I was still pretty young when I last talked to Aunt Dizi, I hadn't realized how private of a person she is. She was concerned about how much information about her I was sharing on the BBS, and I hadn't realized any of it would be anything that might be a problem to be talked about. I also hadn't realized how hard she was still taking Uncle Trav's death. We discussed what was, and wasn't acceptable information for me to share about her, and I made it very clear I hadn't meant to do anything wrong.

Once we'd gotten all that sorted through, we spent some time catching up. She was glad to hear that I was getting along better with my mother now, and had realized what a two faced liar my father is. She told me she'd always been concerned by my favoritism of my father despite being an otherwise intelligent girl. She was surprised that it was her who'd inspired me to join the fleet, even though she wasn't surprised I had taken up flying given her and Uncle Trav's encouragement when I was young. She smiled when I admitted that the toy biplane has a special spot on my shelf in my quarters, despite the teasing of Kizel. Speaking of him, she likes him, admits that perhaps if he wasn't spoken for, she'd be tempted to pull some cradle robbing.

Having the chance to talk like this, it's left me feeling more like Aunt Dizi is an older sister than a hero. She's still awesome, but it's kind of nice to feel like she's less someone on a pedestal to emulate, and more someone who is happy to share her experience with me, to teach me, and someone to share my highs and lows with. I'm glad we've ended up posted on the same ship now. I am worried what will happen if she gets the department head position that rumor has it that Lt. Cdr. Kvorash is going to be leaving soon. Will she hold me to higher standards because she knows me, or will she treat me special? I doubt the latter, but if she expects more of me than everyone else, it may get in the way of my forward movement in my career. I'll have to talk to her about it if she does end up department head.

She asked me if I'd be willing to watch her cat, Delilah, when she goes on her next away mission. It seems the rumors about the Obama-class that Zyrah had picked up in the mess have at least a ring of truth to them. It'll be interesting to have a prototype on the ship. Also, it'll be interesting to figure out if my quarters are cat proof.

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