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Mess Hall Gossip

Zyrah and I just dropped into the Mess, and Aunt Dizi was talking with a few other people over her meal. Zyrah pointed out that one of them was the "old" cutie she'd seen with Aunt Dizi before the first portion of the mission they just came back from. He doesn't look old to me, early thirties at best? Anyways, as I mentioned the last time it came up, Zyrah thinks anyone over 29 is old, so what she says about age can't be taken at face value. I am surprised that she hasn't called Aunt Dizi old yet, since she's thirty-five, if I remember correctly. Klingons just age differently though, so maybe Zyrah just can't peg her age as easily. At any rate, I didn't mean to detour into that topic.

I didn't hear any of the conversation at the table between the four people: Aunt Dizi, her dark haired engineer friend, and then Noelle Connor and her gossip friend, Jana I think her name is? Some of the conversation apparently had been overheard by others in the mess, as there was a little bit of a gossip buzz floating around the room. Things like "Obama-class", "Admiral's Pet" "Blue Alert" and "Valkyries" came up frequently. Since Zyrah was always better at gathering useful information from gossip, without having to divulge anything in return, she went and questioned one of the tables of peons while I grabbed our meals from the replicator.

When Zyrah returned to our table, she suggested we go insert ourselves into the conversation Aunt Dizi and her friends were having. When I pointed out that it would be rude, she reminded me that I was her niece in all but legality. When I pointed out that I hadn't had chance to actually talk to my "aunt" in more than a few years, she shrugged it off. I asked her why she was suddenly so enthusiastic for me to get us involved in the conversation, where she'd been skeptical about my relationship to the woman and expressed caution and courtesy when I'd previously suggested talking to her. So Zyrah explained what'd been overheard, and why the Obama-class had been mentioned, also why they were likely calling Aunt Dizi an Admiral's pet. I was certainly curious now, but I eventually convinced Zyrah it would be better for me to reopen communication with Aunt Dizi in a more private setting, without the peons overhearing. Comments she'd made on the BBS made me believe she'd have things she'll want to sort out with me, and I didn't exactly want her getting mad at me where peons were likely to hear and relay the whole of it to the gossip network.

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