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Green Slime and MiniGolf.

You know, since the party before the ship left, Shelly just can not shut up about that Eddie guy. She keeps insisting she can't stand him, how disgusting he is, but from the way she keeps going on and on, you'd think she has a crush on the guy. If only she'd just get over it and either admit she's turned on by the green slime, or if she'd just shut up about him already, we'd be doing great.

Boq found a holodeck program of an old earth game, mini golf, and he's wrangled the four of us into joining him. Kizel's skeptical he'll enjoy it, I'm curious about it just because it sounds so silly. Shelly is sour like usual, and Zyrah asked if she could bring Steve, from the party, along. Of course, when she did this, Boq suggested that Shelly invite Eddie, and when she blew up at the taunting, the rest of us roared with laughter. I'd feel sorry for her, except she's just being such an obsessive bitch to this kid. It's not his fault he was born of a species that just happens to foam green slime from the mouth.

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